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Sexual Lines No Pastor/ Youth Leader Should Cross

sexual line postI’ve always said to brothers that if you think you can sleep with a girl (a church member, fiancée, etc) who is not your wife/relation on the same bed alone overnight and nothing happens… then what…….

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7 Signs your fiancé(e) is a baby

Marriage is for men and women, but not for boys and girls. Without a doubt, one of the factors responsible for the breakdown of marriage institutions is immature people getting married.

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Online Dating

Online dating seems like a good idea, buonlinedatingt unfortunately you have to be on your guard for the dangers it poses – and there are more than you think..

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The Darkest Night ….the cry of an unborn child

darkest nightAre there always streams of  light even in the dark? What if the night is darker than you can imagine! Read about what happened to my destiny during the darkest night. Will there be light at the end of this tunnel?

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The Secrets of a Happy Home (A must read for all Married and Singles)

This writeupsecrets of a happy home post may come into the hands of some whose home happiness has been shattered — its torn fragments lying now on the ground.

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