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18 Games Singles Play

singlegamespostSingles are fond of playing lots of games when it comes to relating with the opposite sex especially a marital relationship.

Many ladies and guys are heartbroken today because
they could not discern when a guy or a girl is playing games.

We shall be looking at common games singles are still playing till date, read to know if you are a game player yourself.

[1] DATING: The dating game is so common these days among so-called singlegamesbooknew pageChristians, dating literally means going out on a date with someone of opposite sex with the intention of entering into a marital relationship. Unharmful as this may sound, it has turned into a game by many singles, guys just take girls out to eateries and other relaxation spots just to feel “cool” and have the feel of boyfriend/girlfriend relationship…. Young boys and girls today prefer to be dating rather than just friends… It’s a dangerous game! …there are specified rules to guide you as Christians to enter into marriage! Stop the dating games…most dating does not even end up in marriage they often end up on the bed! Stop playing games.

[2] DOUBLE DATING: is having more than one partner in a marital relationship at the same time. Some girls can be engaged to two or more guys at the same time. Some guys too can propose and even get engaged to two or more girls at the same time. Many believe in doing this in order to have backups in case of any disappointment. I want to assure you that there is no justifiable reason to get involved in double dating, it’s a deadly game. Don’t do it. Even when you want to come out of a relationship for a genuine reason, ensure that you are totally free from it before starting another one. There is no point “seeing” two people or more at the same time, it only shows you are not convinced about your choice…marriage is all about Trust! Tell your friends too to stop double dating.

[3] CONVERT AND CONQUER: This is a common game where you invite someone to church or preach to the person for the singular secret purpose of marrying the person ( it’s not wrong to invite someone to church or Christ, do it because you want the person to be saved and not just to satisfy your marriage pre-requisite). Most Christian singles know that it’s wrong to marry an unbeliever; they will then ensure the guy/girl is brought to the church. Some Christian singles even go as far as marrying unbelievers with the hope that they will get them converted after marriage. Only God has the power to convert. (Note: there are unbelievers within and outside the church, so the fact that someone attends a church does not qualify him/her as a Christian)… Lots have gone via this path and are currently regretting it… Marriage is to be enjoyed and not to be endured!.. be wise!…. Don’t be involved in this dangerous game.

[4] CARRYOVER: This is a situation where you continue with the relationship you have as an unbeliever even now that you are saved. As a Christian, you are not to be unequally yoked with an unbeliever. When you get saved you must break the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. You can’t go ahead as a saved sister to continue in a relationship with an unbeliever, same for brothers too. Rather preach the gospel to the individual but beware of close intimacy as you can be lured back into sin and also be aware that the individual can also pretend in order to have you. Seek wise counsel if you are in this kind of situation.

[5] HIT AND RUN: Some ladies are in the habit of collecting gifts and cash from guys and at the end tell them they are not interested in the relationship anymore. Some guys also do the same, they date sugar mummies and all sorts of rich ladies, only to collect their money and run away. It’s a deadly game. Why accept a marriage proposal for the purpose of milking the person and later kill the relationship. Don’t be involved in this deadly game.

[6] “ROOMMATE”: It’s a cohabitation game, where two people in a relationship are living together as if they are formally married, some permanently and some on weekend or holiday basis. This is not only wrong but also against the rule of relationship and against the will of God. Don’t be involved in this type of game, why should you as a lady begin to sleep with a man you are not married to, why should you begin to do “trial marriage”! Why trying to perform the role of a wife when you are not yet married. Why spend the weekend in his house (room) when you are not his wife! And why harbor a girl in your room when she’s not married to you yet! Stop playing this deadly game!

[7] TARPAULIN (Canopy): I was shocked when I heard that a particular brother did not marry a particular sister years back because we all assumed both of them were in a relationship only to find out that there was nothing like such, the brother successfully caged the sister and shielded her away from other guys in the fellowship. Everyone assumed they were both engaged, we never knew the guy was not in and he never allowed anyone to come in. To form a tarpaulin or canopy or cage over a particular sister or a particular brother is a very bad game. Some guys/ladies just love to be around a particular person not just as friends but beyond friendship and yet with no relationship, they are enjoying the company and yet becomes jealous if they see any other person around, they make people believe that they are in relationship with that person whereas there is nothing like that. As a lady don’t allow any guy form a cage around you, if the brother is always caging you and he’s not proposing, tell him “bro, are you the one to come or should we expect another?” don’t allow him form a tarpaulin over you, otherwise he will scare away your potential suitor. As a guy don’t allow a particular lady shield you away from your potential suitor. Desist from this game, it’s dangerous!… don’t get involved in the “canopy ministry”

[8] ROUGH PLAY: Some guys like playing rough with ladies, he simply fake some “hit me, I hit you” atmosphere, making the lady chase him in what appears to be like just fun, but the guy in turn use the opportunity to start touching her seductively to fulfill his sexual desires. Some ladies even though they are fully aware of the game will pretend not to know what’s happening and just play along! If you are this kind of player, stop it today, it’s a deadly game. God warns against sexual immorality and all forms of sexual impurity. As a lady be bold enough to stop a guy from turning you to a play toy.

[9] “SUYA”: Suya simply means “meat, sliced and roasted in fire” or BBQ, commonly sold by the roadside in Nigeria. You are actually allowed to have a taste of it before you buy, in which case the seller will cut a small portion of the meat for you to taste before you pay for the real thing you are buying. Do you know that a lot of singles are eating the relationship “suya” before buying the real thing? When you engage in pre-marital sex you are simply having a taste of the “suya” before buying the real thing. As good as tasting a “suya” before buying may be, it’s a forbidden meat to eat in a relationship! For a man to have sex with you as a lady before marriage is to simply equate you to a roadside “suya”! Why will you allow yourself to be used! Sex before marriage is a sinful act and a deadly game; it’s against the ordinances of God. It’s a dangerous game. HIV/AIDS is one of the rewards, coupled with untold regrets, lost virtues in your life and it’s a highway to the grave! Run away from sexual sin! Flee fornication! The sorrow far outweighs the momentary “enjoyment”. …Proverbs 6:32 (CJB) “He who commits adultery lacks sense; he who does it destroys himself”….. You are warned! Stop playing the ‘suya’ game!

[10] FACEBOOK GAME: A lot of singles enjoy playing the relationship game on Facebook, and other social networking sites. Imagine a guy proposing marriage to a lady on Facebook when they’ve not even met offline! Millions of youths now use Facebook and other websites as avenues to showcase their “Photoshopped” faces and figures, lots of Christian girls are now playing the games, waiting for guys to fall in love with their sensual and sexy look. Imagine a guy/ lady advertising for a lover online! This has become the order of the day in our generation and lots of singles are in this online dating game. So many girls/guys have been lured into sexual immorality just because they are able to meet physically someone they’ve been meeting only on Facebook, or other social media. Some guys find it more comfortable to say all manners of things to a lady they are chatting with because of the virtual interface. Desist from this type of game, it’s a killer game!

[11] CHANCER: This is a situation where you exploit the weakness or disability of the opposite sex for your own selfish and sexual gratification. Don’t use the privy information you hear about someone to manipulate him/her into a relationship. A situation where you use the advantage of being a counselor/ teacher to seduce a girl/guy into a relationship is a very dirty game. ! Some guys exploit young girls sexually, some even go as far as seducing their own younger sisters, cousins and relations into sexual acts…God hates immorality….repent and be converted.

[12] SHOW OFF/SWAGGER: Why show off your breast cleavage for guys to see if you don’t have a killer agenda, why put on clothes that are revealing if you are not playing game, some guys are fond of sagging their trousers as if they are slaves. Singles today are fond of showing their “swagger” in order to get attention from the opposite sex! Doing that is a dangerous game. Why display to the public what is not meant for public consumption, why take nude/semi-nude snapshots of yourself and uploading it on your phone or on the internet? Some guys are fond of playing on the emotions of ladies with their sexy talks. Girls are moved by words while guys are moved by what they see. So guys, stop playing with ladies emotions by your words, and ladies stop displaying your nudity.

[13] DENIAL OF SERVICE ATTACK: Some singles attack the personality of others especially a lady/guy that has declined their relationship proposal. To begin to criticize or even hate someone just because he/she is not showing interest in going out with you and pretending as if your criticism is genuine is a bad game. Some will even go as far as ensuring that the girl is blackmailed! Don’t paint someone black because she said NO to your proposal!

[14] CHIMNEY: “letting out the pressure” or using the “chimney” is a situation where singles indulge in fingering their private parts for sexual excitements and satisfaction. Masturbation is a wrong game. Lots of singles including virgins have resulted into masturbation as a way of letting out the internal sexual pressure, doing all manners of things and using all manners of toys and instruments to interact with their private parts in order to satisfy their sexual gratification. Some have graduated into gay practice and lesbianism. Desist from it….it’s a dangerous game!!!

[15] I’M CARRYING YOUR BABY: To think you can capture a guy by ensuring you get pregnant for him so you can become his wife is a dangerous and sinful game. There are several cases where guys have denied such pregnancies out rightly or accept only the baby, and if they have no choice than to marry the girl, the marriage will be hell because there is no true love in the relationship! Don’t trade with your destiny! Don’t offer your destiny for sale! Run away from pre-marital sex. Let God direct you in your relationship!

[16] THUS SAYS THE LORD: To intimidate a lady by pronouncing “thus says the lord” with no option for the lady to say NO is a game. Some guys under the clothing of spirituality will tell a lady never to question what God is saying, and some girls will fall cheaply for such intimidation. Ladies don’t allow any guy intimidate you, you too have the right to ask God for direction and confirmation before saying yes to a guy’s marriage proposal.

[17] FALLACY: To start and try to build a relationship founded on lies is a deadly game. Some people lie about their status, educational qualifications, work, etc. Lie is very destructive, because no matter how you lie, one day the truth will be revealed. Don’t lie about your health or financial status. You don’t have to lie in order to win the affection of the opposite sex. Any relationship built on lies will experience an irreparable collapse. Lying is also a proof that you are not yet a child of God. So if you are a liar, seek forgiveness today. Jesus Christ died so He can deliver you from all sins; why not accept Him as your Lord and savior today.

The last but not the least!

[18] I’M STILL PRAYING: Some ladies can keep a brother in suspense for several months and years under the pretense that they are still praying about the marriage proposal. Sisters, stop playing games…for you to pray for several months/years is either you can no longer hear God, or you have no fellowship with God, or simply playing game, most ladies use that “praying” period to look for other brothers, why keep the guy waiting when you know you are not ready to marry him! Sister, stop playing games!

Stop playing games.

Your Friend,
Paul Ojomu
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  1. Janet Nyaga

    Am really blessed with this piece and the others that I have already read, God bless you Sir and increase you

  2. elgy

    nice 1..points wel taken..thanks..

  3. adeluola princess tora

    its been a great atmosphere of uncommon breakthrough for wise singles. keep it up.

  4. Janet

    what a great episode of advice,now i have get another lesson,may the Lord bless you sir.

  5. Jude

    lols! especially on canopying. I think I have that experience (I actually did canopying – though I didn’t know that was the name) anyways, that is over now. Some sisters can really hold a brother to ransom with the ‘still praying’ thing – which is very annoying. As you said, its either they’ve lost the God touch or they are just playing the guys.

    Thank you sir for this blessing!

  6. Tunde

    Great piece.Well written and delivered.Message without ambiguity.God bless you!

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