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How to Attract the Right Guy!…(For Single Ladies)

attract post“How do I attract the right man into my life?”…  Exclusively for mature single ladies that want to hook up with the right man!…

I have in the course of counseling single Ladies discovered that many of them have attract pagea dream husband in their hearts but don’t really know how to get them or attract them into their lives. Lots of girls are curious to know how to attract the right guy into their lives, so they won’t have to be wasting time with guys that are not serious whose only mission is sex,  The dilemma is that the right type of man they really want to marry seems not to notice them. Wrong guys keep hitting at them!

“How do I attract the right man into my life”… if this is your heart cry then….. Let’s ride on in this journey of discovery! as we look into this common dilemma affecting many ladies that have reached marriageable age.

Here are 10 steps (not exclusive) to follow if you want to attract the right guy to your life .

  • The law of attraction: To attract the right guy you must first of all be a right girl yourself, you can’t be a wrong partner praying for a right partner, to marry the right person while you are a wrong partner will be unfair to the right person. My own definition of the law of attraction is simply “you attract persons of like mind”. The scent of a flower determines the type of insect that will be attracted to it.
  • Be the Right Person: what qualities do you want in your dream husband? From my interview of some ladies, their top priority is that the man must be God fearing, so the first thing for you is to ask your self are you God fearing yourself? Have you surrendered your life to Christ? Are you born again? You must first establish a right relationship with God before you can have a right relationship with a child of God you intend to get married to. It is much better to find wholeness and completeness in God.  That way, you are focused on your own contributions, rather on what you need.  It is often true that when you are complete in God all by yourself, you become more attractive and appealing to a broad range of personalities, including the type that you want!Then list out all the qualities you want in a man (remember outward appearance does not define a man, it is the virtues, non tangible things that really defines us) then begin to add those qualities to your life. Ask God to work on you through the help of the Holy Spirit so you can have the fruits of the Spirits according to Galatians 5, this will make you stand out.
  • Talk to God: prayer is key in getting the right relationship, pour your heart to God and let Him lead you aright, wait on Him and trust Him for the best, delay is not denial, God is working out the best for you, so take time to always talk to Him about every aspect of your life. Break every satanic yoke that may be afflicting your life.
  • Be yourself: As a Christian, your true self is that person you see when you look at Jesus Christ!  He is your mirror.  Never allow the world push you around and tell you who you’re supposed to be. Putting on a false social mask just to please everyone else, is unnecessary if you’re looking for a lasting relationship. Be who God has said you are!
  • Tell yourself the right things: To attract the right man for marriage, tell yourself the right things. What do you believe about yourself?  What are you telling yourself? You may be programming yourself for failure with negative thoughts. For example, if you’ve told yourself that “all good men are taken,” then you’ve labeled the people coming to you as ‘left-overs’ even before they make their appearance! Your pre-determined beliefs, which you may not even be conscious of, can be destructive.  Seven percent of communication is what you say, and the other 93 percent is non-verbal. That 93 percent screams your “personal truth,” what you really believe about yourself when nobody is looking. If you’re carrying baggage — insecurities, fear, desperation — people can tell.
    So change the things you tell yourself about yourself, so that you can begin to attract the right man for marriage.
  • Don’t be desperate: Desperation is a repulsive quality – it puts people off.  Don’t act desperate. To attract the right man for marriage, don’t put pressure on yourself.
    Stop telling yourself you have to get a ring on your finger.
    Send a message that you “want to” be in a relationship — not that you’ve “got to.”
    Even if you hear your biological clock, it need not tick loudly enough for every eligible man to hear it! Don’t allow your age mount pressure on you. You are never too late to get married. Keep in mind that if you are desperate to get married, you could be giving out signals that are actually scaring away the opposite sex. Seven percent of communication is verbal and the other 93 percent is nonverbal. What kind of nonverbal signals are you sending out regarding commitment?
    When you feel the pressure of time, you can make mistakes, overlook important details, or misjudge someone.
  • Avoid unrealistic expectations: Most ladies are unable to attract the right man for marriage because their expectations are unrealistic. This is often as a result of lack of understanding of what exactly it is that they want.  In order to attract the right man for marriage, avoid unrealistic, conflicting, paradoxical, and utopian expectations.
  • Package yourself appropriately: Mind your signals. Only 7 percent of communication is verbal. Be conscious of the signals you are sending out.  Don’t send the wrong signals.
    How you package yourself affects the kind of people that you attract.  For instance, there is a way you dress and you begin to send the signal, ‘I’m cheap…I’m available.  Consequently, you begin to attract irresponsible and promiscuous personalities, in spite of yourself. If you dress to ‘show off’ you will discover that most men that comes to you will be interested in sex mainly because they are attracted to your sexy look! Promiscuous men are firstly attracted to ladies who appears ‘sexy’
    So be very careful about the kind of signals that are emanating from you. Remember the law of attraction; you attract people of like minds!
    The issue of how you package yourself is therefore of paramount importance if you must attract the right man for marriage.
    If you package yourself appropriately, you’ll begin to attract the kind of men that are compatible with what you want.
  • Move into the right ‘habitat’, be in the right place: To attract the right man for marriage you must think about it this way: if you want to get a shark, where do you go to?
    If you want to get a tiger, where do you go to?
    So you must realize that where you are matters as far as who you attract is concerned.  It is easier to attract a shark in an ocean, than a tiger! And you don’t look for a whale in a swimming pool!
    Lots of ladies don’t attract the right man for marriage because they are in the ‘wrong’ habitat.
    To attract the right man for marriage, be in the right environment.
    If you’re looking for a man who loves the Lord, go to places that such people flourish.
    And if you’re not looking for a drunk, don’t go to a bar or night club to meet someone!
    You must position yourself strategically if you want to attract the right man for marriage.
  • Cultivate a pleasant personality: To attract the right man for marriage, make out time to meet people – be more available. Cultivate a pleasant, warm personality, be cheerful and cautious.

I’m your friend,
Paul Ojomu.
You can connect with me directly on Facebook  for a chat…

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