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Reasons Why You Are Your Own Problem in A Relationship

reasons why - postThere are several reasons why you are your own problem in a relationship, check out these 15 reasons:

  1. You are selfish and self-centered. Nothing hurts more than when what you expect for yourself didn’t happen. You want to be treated fine, you want to be cared for, you want this or that, just you, you and you alone, but hardly care about what the other wants or needs. Is he or she not a human like you? Change for good!!!reasons why you are
  2. You want your relationship to work your way alone and so, you get angry when he or she says ‘no’, let’s try it this way. You don’t know it all my dear and so, try to listen to the other.
  3. During communication, you dominate and hardly listen to the other as if they have nothing to say; learn to listen often because even a child has something to say. Even in silent a lot is spoken.
  4. You are too possessive.
    Listen: you can’t possess a human being or have him or her all for yourself. You can only do that to a robot, and humans aren’t robot.
  5. You are always dissatisfied, always finding faults and complaining rather than appreciating him or her more.
    My dear, no one loves a sadistic or peppery individual. You have an emotional problem and so, work on yourself first before looking for someone to be in a relationship with.
  6. You didn’t forgive and forget your past and so, you carry a wounded heart into a new relationship. You keep punishing him or her as if he or she was the cause of your problem. My dear, call yourself to order and deal with your problems.
  7. You talk too much and easily share sensitive relationship information or secrets with friends which they will later use against you. Learn how to be reserved. In the midst of friends, listen more and say less. Maturity entails secrecy and remember that no two relationships work the same way. Yours may be different from theirs.
  8. You easily get angry. There is a thin line between anger and pride. If you get angry often, check yourself: you have inner sensitive pride you use anger to cover up.
  9. You wear lies like clothe. My dear, one lie can ruin your entire honesty in a relationship. Lie is a sign of disrespect and so, avoid it as much as possible.
  10. You have already concluded there is no love. I ask: how can you be in a relationship with someone with no picture of love, care and tenderness? When you hate love, you can easily hate him or her, mark me.
  11. You lack discipline and good dress sense. You dress so provocatively such that you become someone for all. You don’t even respect someone you claim to love. You are deceiving yourself and you will get hurt soon if you don’t stop.
  12. You are never satisfied with one partner. My dear, don’t lure someone into a relationship when you aren’t disciplined enough to be satisfied with one person. I am not saying sex before marriage is ALLOWED. Say NO to premarital sex.
  13. You are lazy and clingy. You make excess monetary demands you yourself can’t even afford on a normal day without depending on a guy or girl. Get a work, make your own money and see how it is to make money.
  14. You have a very low mentality of people and relationship. You sound so timid and uncivilized such that someone wonders the planet earth you came from; kindly change your mentality.
  15. You have neglected God totally. You operate like no one created you or that there is no spiritual realm somewhere, that’s why you get easily manipulated or attacked because you are spiritually weak or insensitive.


Written By:
Louisa Ene Winnie

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