Is he or she right for me postMany a time, in other, to know if someone is God’s perfect will for us, we are prompted within us to go and ask some men and women of God as well as our spiritual parents whom we believed have access to quick revelation based on greater grace.

Many of them will tell us “he/she is good” and with that, we believe we can go ahead with the relationship. Only a few of them will tell you the reality behind the choices you’re about to make.

That the person is good doesn’t mean he or she is good for you. The question you should ask each time they tell you he/ she is good is that “is the “good,” good for me??”Is he or she right for me

This is because not all good has the capacity to proceed to the comparative/ superlative …not all good has the capacity to become better let alone becoming Best. So the question is, “is the good Good for me?”. Don’t just ask them, be spiritually inclined as well.

You see; you can never tell how good the person is for you unless you receive your own confirmation from God. It is not what people say that keep you going but what God says and your determination to run with it leads to fulfillment.

It is quite unfortunate that majority of the claim “it is God’s will” are merely and actually prompted by the will of the gods ruling the carnal desires.

Finally while praying to know God’s will for your life, don’t expect %100 Revelation about the person. All you need is something Good to start with. Other things to know about the person will reflect as the relationship unfolds.

The thought of God for us is of good and not of evil. The Good that God has for us is encapsulated with Power to produce a Future of peace, health and fulfillment. The Good that God has for us is not just a name but a position that leads to perfection.

It is now left for you and me to renew our mind daily to be transformed enough to the level where you can discern and now for yourself what is good, acceptable and perfect will of God for you.


Written by: Shola Abayomi

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