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Month: October 2015

How to Attract the Right Guy!…(For Single Ladies)

attract post“How do I attract the right man into my life?”…  Exclusively for mature single ladies that want to hook up with the right man!…

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Sexual Lines No Pastor/ Youth Leader Should Cross

sexual line postI’ve always said to brothers that if you think you can sleep with a girl (a church member, fiancée, etc) who is not your wife/relation on the same bed alone overnight and nothing happens… then what…….

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Hakuna Matata – (No worries)

hakunapost“Hakuna Matata” is a Swahili (East African) phrase, it means no worries!
Life is full of ups and downs, things don’t often go the way we plan…

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Keep Moving, He’s Taken! (girls only)

keep movingOh yes, Miss Husband Snatcher, I just drove up your avenue..Each time I hear about Lil Miss ‘Thing’ going after someone’s husband, I wonder where the bolt that’s supposed to keep the sense intact went to..

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One Bad Apple

bad apple postO tender habitat of the world
Please sit and listen to my word
Once touched, get spoilt

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Dare to be Different… (for girls only)

dare postIt is becoming clearer day-by-day that the world we live in today is one that is morally sick.

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The Word Works Wonders

wwwondersFacts bring fear but the ‘Word’ (truth) brings faith. Are you facing some challenges in life? It seems there is no hope and you are reaching your elastic limit.

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