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Yesterday Ended Last Night! …You can still win!

yesterdaypostYou can be a winner, irrespective of what the economy of the country is saying, and it does not matter what you have gone through in life! why hold fast to past mistakes and errors! Yesterday ended last night! Failure can be the womb of success, and your failure can be turned to fertilizers!

How far you will go in life is a function of your mentality. Ten out of the twelve spies sent to spy Jericho were possessed with grasshoppers mentality, the reason why they said “We were in our sights as grasshoppers” no wonder they all died like grasshoppers in the wilderness. But Joshua and Caleb were men with winning mentality, no wonder they said, “We are well able” the Anakims (giants) notwithstanding. Your confession is your possession. yesderday

You must be determined (absolute resolution) to succeed. “revolution is a product of revelation and resolution”


You are destined and designed to be special, unique and irreplaceable, so by destiny and by creation you are above average. All you need is to add EXTRA to your ORDINARY ant you’ll become EXTRAORDINARY. And to be uncommon, do common things in uncommon ways.

You can make it:

  • It doesn’t matter where you start in life; it is where you finish that matters.
  • It is not the bad beginning or wrong start, but wrong stop that makes the difference between winners and losers.
  • It is never too late for anyone to make it in life, those who arrived very late will still be counted among the arrivals.

You can make it, your background notwithstanding, it doesn’t matter where you are born – we all have equal times to be uncommon. Someone once said, “The reason why you LACK is not because you are BLACK but may be because you are SLACK.


  1. YOU NEED GOD! The first key that opens the main entrance door into the realm of exploits is KNOWING GOD. It is the knowledge of Him that guarantees your divine breakthrough. You need to be strong in order to do exploits and knowing God gives you that, He gives power to the faint and  is only Him that can give POWER to make wealth, so the first step is you knowing God, no wonder Paul said, that I may know Him! When you have this key then other keys can function. In Daniel 11:31. The Bible explains that amidst the evil order of the day and abominations “The people that do know their God shall be strong and shall do exploits”
  2. YOU HAVE THE ABILITY: You must first be aware that you have the ability to become great in life. You are more than what you are doing presently. You are not yet what you are supposed to be. There is a well and wealth of resources in you. You have something inside of you, you are loaded with treasures innumerable, remember it is not the colour of the balloon that makes it fly but it’s content, every balloon will fly whether white or red or black provided it has the right content! You are loaded with resources.
  1. GIVE RESPONSIBILITY TO YOUR ABILITY: Until you give responsibility to your ability you will become grossly irresponsible and a liability to yourself, God and the entire human race. If you fail to utilize all that God has placed within you for His glory and to benefit mankind, you will become a minus to the world. Also know that no one can be a failure without the abortion of his ability. The abortion of your ability is the abortion of destiny. You must give action to your intentions, failure to do so, your intention will remain in detention and you will not be able to make any notable invention. Take action! It speaks louder than voice.
  1. DON’T PROCRASTINATE: You cannot be a winner if you love procrastination. Remember procrastination is a theft of time and whatsoever steals your time is stealing your destiny. One of these days is really none of these days and about the only thing that happens to procrastination is old age and regret. There are things you would have accomplished now if you have started say in 2011, you still have an opportunity to start now. Don’t defer or delay any longer rise up and start!. Say to yourself “no more delay”. Break the bondage of procrastination today. Start that business, at least begin with the business plan, you don’t have to wait till you have the money, start something today no matter how small. Every notable invention starts in a little way. Start , start , start, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, even if you will ride on a jet you must take a step to board the plane.
  1. CHANGE YOUR THINKING AND ATTITUDE: Your life moves in the direction of your most dominant thought. Stop your stinking thinking, think right and positively. Have a right attitude to life. Your attitude will determine your altitude. Stop all kinds of negative confession, like – I can’t make it, I’m finished, I’m done for, it’s too difficult, it’s not easy, things are hard! But rather begin to confess positively (with faith) – I can make it, I will make it, it is well, I can do all things in Christ, I’m born to win, I’m a winner, I’m too connected to be frustrated. Your confession is your possession!. Some of us have very lazy attitude. Tgif( thank God it’s Friday) is the slogan of many of us but I’ve come to realize that it’s the slogan of an ardent employee, but employers will always says tgim (thank God it’s Monday) because it’s time to start making money again. You can decide where you belong. Have the right attitude to life.
  1. HAVE A DREAM, SET GOALS: A dream is a picture of your future planted into your heart by God. Joseph had a dream concerning his future, do you have a dream?

Of a truth

  • It doesn’t cost you a dime to dream, so dream big, because it is not expensive!
  • You cannot succeed beyond your wildest dream until you have some wild dreams.
  • A goal setter is a goal getter, have goals for your life.
  • Aim high, it has been said, “it is better to aim your arrow at a star and hit an eagle than to aim your arrow at an eagle and hit a stone.

A goal is not wishful thinking; it is an objective, a purpose, and the primary reason for your living.

Your goal must be God sided, attainable, realistic and must have deadlines.

Also write down your goals.

In 1960 John F. Kennedy said he would put a man on the moon, within ten years, and ask that it should be written down. In 1969, America put the first man on the moon. (A goal setter is a goal-getter).

  1. FEAR NOT: Fear is the opposite of Faith, fear is the dungeon that sinks your goal. Someone defined FEAR as False Education Appearing Real, we are full of fear because of wrong assimilation and wrong things we believe or base on our knowledge or facts about certain things in life, have you ever wondered why a 3 month old baby  will not be afraid of a lion? It’s simple , the boy has not been taught! Don’t allow fear overtake you anymore! Many kids fail mathematics because they believe mathematics is difficult and the teachers sometimes make it look like that too.

    Be courageous! Don’t be afraid and don’t quit because winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win. Encourage yourself like David did. Many are afraid to even take steps in life. Determine to do away with fear this year, summon courage and approach that person you’ve been having the mind to propose business with all this while, summon courage to achieve that objective you are always afraid of, be bold enough to enter those offices you’ve always been afraid of, be bold enough to go to that school and discuss your admission with the admission office.

    Be bold, have faith in God, you will surely get there! Some of us are so afraid of the faces of men that we can’t talk when we are supposed to express ourselves! That spirit of timidity must give up in your life in Jesus name.

  1. KEEP LEARNING, ACCESS INFORMATION: If you stop learning, you will stop growing. If you are an undergraduate today and you stop learning tomorrow, by next tomorrow you would have become an illiterate – keep learning.
    To be a winner you need to keep accessing information, because information brings transformation, to be uninformed is to be deformed. So you need to get information so that you can have motion.
    Don’t die in ignorance; you don’t know until you know. Further your education, don’t remain a dwarf!
    Information brings transformation!.. seek information, the step between you and your breakthrough might just be one single piece of information! Pray to God to connect you with the right information while you take steps!
  1. DISCONNECT YOURSELF FROM PAST  FAILURES /DISSAPOINTMENT: Don’t allow your yesterday conflict with your tomorrow; forget about your past failures: remember, yesterday ended last night. Apostle Paul said “one thing I do, forgetting the past”. Many people are still brooding over a spilled egg, many are still being afflicted by their past, The fact that you failed an interview should not stop you from trying another one, the fact that you fail in a business does not mean you should give up on business, the fact that you failed an exam should not make you quit trying, you have not failed until you fail to try. Some are having issues with relationship because of past disappointment. Because you have been jilted by a guy or a lady does not mean you will never get engaged again. Don’t allow the past kill your future, I understand you need to be more careful, watchful and prayerful so that you don’t fall into the same error again, but allow yourself to be healed of the wound.
  1. MANAGE TIME: God has given everybody 24 hours daily, no favouritism as far as time is concern. Don’t spend your time, invest it. A fool may waste money but the greatest fool wastes time. Learn to manage your time effectively. God made all things beautiful in His time and there is time for everything therefore have a timetable (winners draws timetable). If you fail to plan then you have intelligently plan to fail.
    A man who sleeps ten hours a day by the time he’s thirty years old would have spent 10 years (one third of his life) sleeping. Be wise!
  1. DON’T EAT “ONE BAD APPLE”. Sex before marriage is a killer! The bible says he/she that does it destroys his/her own soul, why must you waste your life, flee fornication. God is calling you to sexual purity. Make a resolution today never to allow sex or romance until you are married. If you want to do exploits in your generation stay away from sexual immorality, a lot of young destinies are ruined because of this. The bible says the adulteress hunt for precious souls.
  1. YOU NEED GRACE: You need grace on your winning way because without Grace you will meet disgrace. Until you find grace, it is difficult to find your bearing in the wilderness of life. Any area of your life where you don’t find grace, often experience disgrace, defeat, delay and disappointment.

You need grace, why? From Eccl 9:11 we found out that

  • The fastest runners do not always win the race.
  • The strongest warriors do not always win the battle
  • The wise man is often poor.
  • The skilled men are not necessarily famous
  • The educated ones don’t usually have a successful life.
  • It all depends on chance i.e. it takes divine chance to succeed in this life.

 You must understand that:

LIFE IS A MYSTERY – So you need the discovery and the discerning grace, discovery produces recovery – you need to discover what is hidden to others that prevent them from rising to stardom.

LIFE IS A BATTLE – You need the conquering grace to overcome all the fiery darts of the wicked.

LIFE IS A GAME OF CHOICE – You need grace to make the right choice. Remember that decision determines destiny. You need grace to know – where to work, where to worship, whom to marry, how to choose your inner circle friends and so on.

LIFE IS A MARKET – The rich man took nothing, ended in Hell, but Lazarus made it to Heaven, and became a major winner. How you need grace to take the right step!

Today you can both win on the Terrestrial terrain, and on the celestial terrain! If only you can surrender your whole life to Jesus. Get connected to Heaven’s Network through Christ Jesus. If you can humble yourself, acknowledge your sin, confess and forsake them, accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour then you are a winner! Yes! A DOUBLE WINNER!

I’m Your Friend,
Paul Ojomu

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