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I Failed The Interview, But Still Got The Job!

failed interview postThat sounds crazy, right? Or simply impossible? That was exactly what happened to me in Lagos, Nigeria, about 10 years ago!

I just relocated to Lagos, it was my major job interview, I needed the job badly!

On the final interview date with the CEO, after answering all the questions to the best of my ability, he looked at me and said “Paul, I’m not going to employ you”, He wrote KIV (keep in view) on my resume!interveiw motivation

I got home dejected and frustrated, my wife and I had fasted and prayed for several days for the job!

The following morning, I got a call from that same company to come and pick up my appointment letter!

What a miracle!

Listen, it doesn’t matter what man may say, God has the final say!
Are you there, struggling in the valley of frustration and despair?

Cheer up and hold fast to the promises of God! Man may give up on you, but God will never forsake you! He is not finished with you yet, YOU ARE A DIVINE PROJECT! YOU CANNOT BE ABANDONED!

Always remember, God is bigger than the size of your CV / Resume!…. You have a father who sit in heaven and make the earth His foot stool..HE IS BIGGER THAN YOUR PROBLEM! If you have Him, you’ve got the greatest CONNECTION!.. So my dear, LEAN ON HIM!

Don’t give up, cast not away your confidence! Have faith in God.

Go for your goals while fixing your eyes not just on the finishing line but on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith!



I see you getting that job! I see you fulfilling that dream of yours, I see you getting that Visa, I see you getting that school admission, I see you crossing from poverty to prosperity! I see you getting that right relationship! I can see you at the TOP!

Rejoice! Cos it’s your season!

Through it all, I’ve learned to trust in Jesus, I’ve learned to depend on God!

God is not through with you yet!

Put all your FAITH in Him, You will share your TESTIMONY soon!

I’m Your Friend,
Paul Ojomu

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  2. Amen..this is just what I need right now to encourage me,more grace sir

  3. Boluwatife

    Wow…am blessed

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