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My Uncle Had Sex With Me

myunclepostI was 14 years old when my uncle disvirgined me, right in my father’s house, under my parents’ nose. But because they (my parents) trusted him and it would be my word against his,

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MY SECRET SIN: The Confession of a Sex Addict! 

That Friday night, I was supposed to be in the vigil leading the worship song, but there I was in Fred’s bed moaning in painful pleasure as he cuddled and caressed me.

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He Took Off My Underwear! (girls only)

he took off post…..Before I knew what was happening, we started kissing and fondling each other. Something in me kept telling me what I was doing was wrong, …  what happened next? find out …

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I Kissed JEZEBEL (for guys)

kissedWhen I got to her we held hands and to show to her that I really love her, I kissed her lips and we were to continue in the romance game when someone called her name…..

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She Was Raped!

rape victim postI don’t know how I managed to, I just knew that I was able to find my way home after fighting against his tight grip. I really can’t explain how devastated I am right now.

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Single & Pregnant

single pregnant postIt all started last year. Steve and I have been dating for three months…

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How I Lost My Girlfriend, Through a Man of God

how i lost -postShe loved me to the point that she was ready to be disowned by her parents when they wanted her to marry a rich politician’s son. The love was simply so much…

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How I Lost My Virginity: The Pain of Forced Marriage

How i lost my virginitypostI used to fight, abuse, and quarrel with him every night he tried to sleep with me, until he reported to his mother who hired two strong men, one squeezed my arms,

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Once Upon a Valentine

valpost“Sharon, what’s your plan for this year’s valentine?” Debby asked as she browsed through her phone while stepping out of the school library.

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He wanted a divorce… but this happened!

divorce postWhen I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, I’ve got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes.

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CYNTHIA Must Die, But MERCY Said No!

cynthiapost2Cynthia, a young and charming girl once lived with her uncle, she was the only surviving daughter as she had lost all her family members in a motor accident when she was a baby.

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