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Know Your Worth Girl!

worthpostWhen the value of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable! Your value will determine your price tag!  Every girl must read this before saying YES I do. .

First on the list is the fact that we women are not emergency creations. We are part of the plan from the inception when God said “let us make man in our image”. Male and female created He them. We are originally created by God and formed from the same source. Our production date on earth is what varies. Adam first, Eve followed.know your worth

The Bible never said that women are priceless. It clearly states that our price is far above rubies. (Pro 31:10). The worth of rubies is not in the name but in the content which is precious, of value, and rare. Women are virtuous because our Creation, Formation, and Content determine the success, prosperity, duration, fulfilment, length and breadth of greatness and life of any man who possesses us.

Rubies are very valuable, still they can be gotten with money. Our price as virtuous women is not what money can buy, yet there is a Price Tag hanging on us. Every man who wants to marry a virtuous woman must pay that Price. Our Price is the same, although the duration of payment can be long. It depends on the Man.

Transaction in Heaven is not done with money. Access to Heaven is not by financial payment. Salvation is free but not free. It is done with The Blood of the Lamb, Jesus. Thus, For God to give His Daughter to any man regardless of his financial status and position he must pay the Price. We are meant for the richest men. Hmmmm.

In essence, any man that will receive us from God must Know our God, Believe in our God, Walk with our God (most times, father in laws tell about their daughters to their son in laws when they spend time together and go for walk together), Draw close to our God, Serve the purpose of our God and Be His Son (That is the richest man. He who has God has everything we need). This is because a man who is neither a friend of God nor His son cannot understand us, cannot appreciate us and cannot value our Creation, Formation and our Content as helpers, supporters, builders, completers, and image of God who makes things happen. We’re so special.

Any man who claims to give us his heart without paying the Price is a deceiver. Any man who will have the virtuous lady must, first of all, give his heart totally to God and Observe His ways (Pro 23:26). It is now left for God to direct his heart to a safe direction where he can be fulfilled through collaboration with the divine helper Pro 21:1-2 (virtuous woman). The first person to consult when searching for a Life Partner is God.

If we as women fail to give our hearts to God, God cannot allow us to help his son (that explains why sometimes God delays His son’s prayer for a life partner because He hasn’t found the Right heart for him). God cannot trust the destiny of His son to the hands of an untried, unreformed, untested, unpurified, un-renewed hearts of a woman. Women, let’s draw close to God for Real.

When God gives we, His Daughters to His sons, it is not a Gift neither is it a charity organization activity, but He gives us to His sons as His property to be cared for, valued, nourished, protected, account for and be responsible for (Pro 18:22). Any man who fails God in carrying out these responsibilities hinders his own prayers. You cannot maltreat the princess and expect the King to grant your request. He who maltreat God’s daughter incurs God’s wrath. We are so special.

God who puts a Price tag on us did that for His Kingdom expansion purpose and for our highest safety and security. When God give us His sons, He wants us to work with them and make their visions evidently visible, affect life positively and expand His Kingdom. We cannot expand God’s kingdom when we go against His will and make the devil our father in law. May God help us. Don’t marry anybody anyhow!.

Truly the man is the head, but we the women determine the status of that head in life. We the virtuous women are Crowns on our husband’s head, but the other women are thorns in his flesh, a rottenness in his bone. So all run in a race but only one gets the crown. Some men don’t wear crowns because NOT ALL OF THEM CAN CONTROL THEIR BODY AND DESIRES TO BE PATIENT AND PAY THE PRICE FOR THE CROWN. We can’t afford to marry lazy men. Hmmmm.

My fellow virtuous women, let’s go for the men who have paid the Price. If he is not saved he is not safe. And the fact that he is saved doesn’t mean he is made for you; he might not have your packages. Let God appoint His son who will be your King. Let’s make our men proud of us. Let’s avoid idleness. Get understanding, get wisdom, and get knowledge. To the married women, discover your purpose in that home. When the purpose of an existence is not known, abuse is inevitable. Love your God through undivided Love to your husband and your seeds. Win souls for God through your Union. End of discussion.

By: Shola Abayomi,
(Shola has been a blessing to this generation through her life, writings, and inter-personal relationship, God saved her from been aborted while in the womb! We will share her story soon! )

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