games postAre you single? Are you a game player? Listen! Any relationship founded on deception will hit a rock! How long will you begin to lie about your status, level of education, or age? You are pretending so you can win the heart of that guy/girl. Stop the games! Be real! Deception is sinful! Stop it! Stop trying to impress him or her with borrowed items. If you are already in a relationship founded on lies and deception, please go and confess before you take the marriage vow! Stop the games now! We shall revisit some popular and new games singles play in subsequent editions! Don’t be a game player!!!

here are two additional ones…

Game #19

“Slay Queen”

People call you “slay mama” or “slay queen” and you are happy! Showing off your nudity and artificial beauty, looking for gullible guys to slay and destroy! Stop playing this dirty game! Why living a fake life simply because you want attention! The end of it will be regret and shame! And Mr. “longer throat”, always running after prostitutes and anything in a skirt! Zip up and re-trace your steps back to God! Decent ladies don’t expose what is supposed to be kept private! And my brother, don’t allow your uncontrollable eyes and sexual desire to ruin your life! Let go and let God! I came across a Slay Queen in the Bible. Read about her in Proverbs 7: 6 – 27.

Game #20

Playing “hard to get”

It is often said, “Treat them mean and keep them keen.” Playing “hard to get” as a lady so guys won’t see you as “cheap” is a bad and dangerous game! Some ladies, especially when they are still very young will deliberately make things difficult for a guy, even though inside of them they want the relationship, but they just don’t want to appear easy to get! Some have lost potential good suitor as a result! Why pretending to be what you are not just to prove a point! In as much as you must not be desperate about a relationship (another extreme)! Don’t play the hard-to-get game! It can be counterproductive! Be yourself, be a child of God!

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God bless you!

Written by:
Paul Ojomu

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