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More Than a Dream

morethanadreampostIt is commonly said that many are asleep dreaming big while only few are awake making it big, my question to you therefore is are you awake or still asleep? Are you one of the few, that are busy putting their dreams to the test? Hoping and believing God that it will actually come through some day? The scripture says in proverbs 24:33 that a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest; so shall your poverty come like a prowler…” you see, God is anti-poverty and also anti-laziness, He has not put within us the spirit of laziness or fear rather the spirit of sound mind to think and comprehend dreams. morethanadream
He has placed within our heart to accomplish. It is good to dream good dreams, but it is bad to remain at the level of dreams alone without working them out to reality. The reality of life goes beyond just dreaming, it requires you to see far ahead.

A dream is not just that mere picture you experience while asleep, a dream contains goals, visions of what you want your life to become in fulfillment, Sharon Hall puts it this way “A dream is the seed of possibility planted in the soul of a human being, which calls him to pursue a unique path to the realization of his purpose”,  it is the reason for living, it is that idea that burns inside you, something you cannot ignore immediately nor for long, it keeps coming back to your mind, you just can’t let go.  I define DREAMS as a strong desire to achieve something unique in line with your purpose and potential, your dreams cannot be separated from your purpose it is always in alignment with Gods plan for your life, perhaps Joseph may not have become a very important figure if not for dreams God placed in his heart which came through in fulfillment of his purpose. I choose to believe that every man and woman has a dream, because god designed every single person to have a dream, without it a man can be frustrated and possibly with no future.

Most people I know have a dream, while some are happy to discuss it, some are reluctant to talk about it, yet many don’t know if their dream is something they can really achieve or destined to fail; note this ,no one is destined to fail, failure at first doesn’t mean you are a failure forever, failure is only a price  we must pay to achieve success(John Maxwell) some people must face failure repeatedly before they move forward in  pursuit of their dreams, Walt Disney failed multiple times before succeeding in establishing the multi-billion dollar company he has today so no dream is too small or inferior to achieve always remember that and don’t give up the fight too soon.

I believe God wants us to dream and to dream big, because He is a Big God who wants to do big and extra ordinary things and He wants to do them through us. However it is not just enough to dream, but it’s much more about putting the dream to the test/work. Even God did not just dream the salvation of humanity He put it to the test by sending Christ Jesus through whom we have salvation. Don’t just sit there waiting for a miracle, put your dreams to the test means setting a cause of actions to take, developing plans, set a time for accomplishment, getting out of your comfort zone, acquiring resources you need to achieve your dreams all things pertaining to life and godliness has been given to us don’t just sit there dreaming rather get up and do something, compel yourself to follow the pathway that leads to achieving your dreams, the bitter part is that if you don’t do it, somebody somewhere else will do it. Don’t give in to opposition or obstacles; opposition rose up against Nehemiah when he was building the walls of Jerusalem again but he never let that obstacle stop him from achieving his goal. Trust God to help you overcome the opposition that may arise.

Finally on this note, let me say this “An hour work in the Spirit will Accomplish more than a year’s work in the flesh and the fruit will remain” GOD is the source of your dream. When people dream without God they find it unsatisfying. Every person must come to Jesus for his or her dream to make sense. In pursuit of your dreams in life, you must establish His presence in your life as God sees your relationship with Him as the only success required in achieving your dreams.

Always remember life is more than just a dream, take the next step to putting your dream to the test! Shalom!

Written by: Olamide Isaac Oyewole
(Olamide Isaac, a student in the University, has been using his gifts to bless his generation, he is one of the administrators of the International Youth and Singles Summit, a Facebook group with over 8000 members)

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  1. Falayajo Adewunmi

    wow wat a wonderful book ,more and more grace sir
    i dont really know wat to say but i pray that God in his riches in Glory will give u the spirit of wisdom and revelation IJN

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