post 2ARE YOU STRUGLING WITH A BAD HABIT? One way to deal with that wrong desire or bad habit is to replace it with a greater and positive desire!

Redirect that energy or desire to something greater and positive!

deal with your idle moments, feel up that space!!! else you will keep relapsing to those things you don’t want to do!

The desire to know Jesus more and more will kill every wrong desire and works of the flesh, no wonder the bible says walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfil the desires of the flesh!

rather than just suppress that wrong desire, replace it out rightly with a better and bigger one!

For example, you can turn your idle moments to start writing a book, story, research etc, turn your idle moments to start praying for others…do u know the easiest way to be an intercessor is to start praying for your Facebook Friends… I do that once every week.. I go over my list of friends and start praying for them one by one…if you are my friend, be sure I’m gonna pray for u one day!

Don’t allow the devil take advantage of you! Be wise!

remember an idle mind/hand is the devil’s workshop!

Start doing something more productive with your time everyday!

shalom! I love you! Jesus Loves you!

Written By: Paul Ojomu

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Love you, Paul Ojomu

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