Hewisdom pills post2re, you will find words of wisdom that will guide you as Singles and young couples! What do you look for in a relationship? How is the man differ from a woman in marriage? Find out and many more in these short articles!

Mr Bones!

After God created the woman, He brought her to Adam. Guess what Adam saw first!

Her bones!!! Are you kidding me Adam?  Hear what he said, “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh.” Adam didn’t focus all his attention on just the beauty in her flesh alone but also on her skeletal makeup! Her inner frame! Her inner strength! Bros, when you look at a woman do you pay attention to her inner makeup at all?  (Read Gen. 2: 22-23)

Content vs Container

Adam did not just see the woman from the flesh only. Adam paid attention to the content before the container! Listen, we are Spirits, living inside a body! So, the real YOU is not defined by your outward look, but your inner being! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should disregard your body, but what I’m saying is that “a product is not defined by its container but by its content.” What makes Coke different from Fanta is not the shape, color, or size of the bottle (CONTAINER), it is the CONTENT! Read Gen. 2: 22-23


She Shall Be Called WOMAN!

Interesting! Adam gave names to all animals. But named his wife, “woman.” What a beautiful descriptive name!

If you are single and searching, may you discover your WOMAN in Jesus name!

Adam called her woman, meaning she was taken out of man! What does that really mean? It means the feminine version of man or simply, she-man or womb-man. That implies that the Woman is never in anyway inferior to the Man!!! So, Men, respect Women! No to Gender Inequalities! (Genesis 2:23)


The Man is to Live His Father & Mother

know this before you get married!

Oh, you think it should be the woman? The bibles say “therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and shall cleave to his wife…” Yes, you heard it right! The man must disconnect from his parents and be fully connected to his wife! Leaving, before Cleaving! Bro, you are not that mummy’s baby anymore, cos marriage is for Men and not for Boys! You’ve got to be matured to manage your own home according to the leading of the master planner; God! Don’t sell your spouse to your parents! Cos you are now one with her! She’s the most important person in your life; Same is true for the woman too!  Genesis 2:24

God bless you!

To be continued in Volume 3

Written by:
Paul Ojomu

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